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Fashionable or not

These dresses are about to get an inspection by Z-fashionista!



Black grey and white? I like the style of it but it needs way more color it’s just kinda boring.
Green is fine but really i think that dress should be changed to bubble gum pink! Finally the dress is awesome The only flaw is that it needs a different shade of blue. That’s what I think of these dresses! Every week I will comment on three dresses! Hope you enjoy! Proud Sponsor of an Event Near You

Hey the desert is cool too! (Ha ha) come to PHX, AZ

The Blog

We kicked off 2013 with a mission to sponsor, attend, and speak at some of the world’s most exciting blogging and technology conferences. We wanted to connect with you — our users — by making our team available for live questions and support. And we’re always excited to hear more about all the innovative ways you are using WordPress. Today, we’re happy to report that we accomplished this goal.

Going global in 2013

Over the course of last year we sponsored thirty-four events in twenty-five cities across eight countries. At many of these events we programmed a hands-on workshop, led a session, or contributed to a panel. Throughout the year we met a diverse group of bloggers, designers, and developers who share our interest in making the web a better place. We had an amazing time.

With great conferences comes great swag. With great conferences comes great swag.

Our 2013 events lineup started with the Modern…

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Fashion colors

Fashion is all about being pretty so if your colors aren’t pretty what’s the point?

Fashionable colors:

1. Pink
2. Purple
3. Black
4. Bright colors (neon green, pink, blue, purple…)

So those are great fashionista colors

Fashion goes a little deeper

Do you think fashion is just trend setting? Well if you do think again! Fashion is real love and care bundle led up inside of material! Fashion designers put thought into their clothing. So I’m going to ask you to enter a little love and care in a dress designing contest! So post your photos in your comments and use my advice from my other posts!




    You should always have inspiration don’t just force it.
    Use color don’t be afraid to splash.
    Pink and purple are good together.
    Use black with color it’s not like black is bad.

Now you’ve had some tips. Let’s get started on some fashion designing!

First, choose what you want to design. Is it a dress, a skirt, a shirt, shoes, or maybe a whole outfit?

Next, choose some colors. Do you want pink and purple or maybe red and blue? Then, you pick stripes, polka dots or some other crazy design!

Last, you draw the design in your sketch book or on a piece of paper!

Now you have a great design!