Hi! Just a moment ago I was reading my old post about dos and don’ts about color. But I left out a few colors! Here they are:

Anything that is hot (hot pink, hot purple, etc.)

Grey is great accent so are red and white 

So those are a few more great colors and also blues purples pinks oranges yellows and reds are usually pretty. But don’t go to dark!



Running out of ideas? Don’t worry! I have doom inspiration for you that could turn out awesome!

1. A dress out of crystals

2. Rainbows 

3. Words 

Use this inspiration in any way! I will try to post inspiration every day so if you don’t like these ideas come back tomorrow for more!

Fashionable colors: brown really?

Every one (well my mom) thinks that brown and pink go together! I have two words for that wr-ong! Brown is not a fashionable color and if you want to stay on high fashion do not wear brown! Also dark green is a horrible color for anything! I would say walking on the red carpet you would want to wear something like this: